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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
By CHillDesigns Photography
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When planning a wedding, oftentimes, bridal decisions are directed by cost even before desire and education. So many couples go without, certified wedding planners, professional makeup artists, and yes even a bridal session due to lack of knowledge and perceived cost. So what is the bridal session? Well, the bridal session is essentially a photoshoot where the bride-to-be will be photographed in her wedding gown, headpiece and/or veil, jewelry, shoes, and flowers. And from this session, the bride-to-be will choose her favorite image to be revealed and displayed at the wedding reception and later on in her home (or in her parent's home, I never got mine, my parents kept it, lol!). So why would anyone want to do all this 1-2 months before the wedding and why is it even worth it? Well, I'll give you 3 reasons.




  • Test-Drive Your Gown! Trying on your dress in the boutique and turning around on the podium is one thing. Having a full session with me in your gown is another! We will find out for sure if you will have to keep pulling up your bodice, if you can't breathe when you sit, whether you're unable to climb stairs or walk normally, or lift your arms without exposing yourself. You also will learn what is and isn't comfortable for you so that if necessary, changes may be made via alteration or with the appropriate undergarments. If you have an intricate gown with lace closures or hook-button closures, your bridal session will be a good practice run for your bridesmaids or your mother if they are able to attend.


  • Try Out Your Vendors! Chances are that you will likely continue your relationship with your makeup artist from your engagement session. Your bridal session is the perfect time to finalize your bridal look with your makeup pro. This is also a great time to decide on your hair and how it will be styled throughout the wedding day with veils, birdcages, flowers & combs. Your floral designer is usually happy to put together a version of your wedding day bouquet for your bridal session, simply have your planner inquire about that service.


  • It’s so much fun! I haven’t met a bride yet, who has regretted her bridal session! From the memorable laughs & sweet moments enjoyed with the friends and loved ones who might tag along, to the a-ha moments that come will about, your bridal session is sure to be a memory along your bridal journey that you wouldn’t trade. You put so much time into finding the perfect gown, how great would it be to wear your gown more than once! Honestly, taking a morning to be pampered and primped and then have your picture taken in the dress of your dreams is a really the best idea. You will treasure the images that are created during your stress-free, relaxed bridal session and you'll be glad that you took this time for yourself. 
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